Quantum cameras

We take quantum pictures with cameras.

LIDAR with photon-pairs

Zhao, J., Lyons, A., Ulku, A., Defienne, H., Faccio, D. & Charbon, E. Quantum Light Detection and Ranging (2021). arXiv preprint 2105:07169.

Quantum imaging with a SPAD camera

Defienne, H*., Zhao, J.*, Charbon, E., & Faccio, D. (2020). Quantum illumination imaging with a single-photon avalanche diode camera. arXiv preprint arXiv:2007.16037. (*:equal contribution)

Certifying high-dimensional entanglement with a SPAD camera

Ndagano, B*., Defienne, H*., Lyons, A., Starshynov, I., Villa, F., Tisa, S., & Faccio, D. (2020, in press). Imaging and certifying high-dimensional entanglement with a single-photon avalanche diode camera. NPJ Quantum Information 6, 94 (*:equal contribution)

EMCCD camera for high-resolution quantum imaging

Reichert, M., Defienne, H., & Fleischer, J. W. (2018). Massively parallel coincidence counting of high-dimensional entangled states. Scientific reports8(1), 7925.

Quantum picture of photon pairs with conventional cameras

Defienne, H., Reichert, M., & Fleischer, J. W. (2018). General model of photon-pair detection with an image sensor. Physical review letters120(20), 203604.

Other related works:

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