Quantum imaging

We exploit quantum light to create new imaging approaches.

Pixel super-resolution with photon-pairs

Defienne, H. Cameron, P. Ndagano, B. Lyons, A., Reichert, M. Zhao, J. Charbon, E. Fleischer, J.W. and Faccio, D. Pixel super-resolution using spatially-entangled photon pairs (2021). arXiv preprint 2105:10351.

Hong-Ou-Mandel for microscopy

Ndagano, B., Defienne, H., Branford, D., Shah, Y.D., Lyons, A., Westerberg, N. Gauger, M.G. and Faccio, D. Quantum microscopy based on Hong-OU-Mandel interference. Nature Photonics (2022)

Holography using entanglement

Defienne, H., Ndagano, B., Lyons, A., & Faccio, D. (2021). Polarization entanglement-enabled quantum holography. Nature Physics 2021

Separating quantum from classical images

Defienne, H., Reichert, M., Fleischer, J. W., & Faccio, D. (2019). Quantum image distillation. Science advances5(10), eaax0307.

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