Complex quantum optics

We investigate behaviors of quantum light in disordered media for imaging, communication and computing.

Structuring entanglement by pump shaping

Boucher, P., Defienne, H. & Gigan, S. (2020). Spatial entanglement engineering by pump shaping. arXiv preprint:2001.03997.

Transport of entanglement in a multimode fiber

Valencia, N. H., Goel, S., McCutcheon, W., Defienne, H., & Malik, M. (2020). Unscrambling Entanglement through a Complex Medium. Nature Physics 16, 1112-1116.

Harnessing disorder for linear quantum computing

Leedumrongwatthanakun, S., Innocenti, L., Defienne, H., Juffmann, T., Ferraro, A., Paternostro, M., & Gigan, S. (2019). Programmable linear quantum networks with a multimode fibre. Nature Photonics, 1-4
+ Research highlight in Nature Physics 16, 4 (2020)

Manipulating entanglement by pump coherence control

Defienne, H., & Gigan, S. (2019). Spatially entangled photon-pair generation using a partial spatially coherent pump beam. Physical Review A99(5), 053831.

Adaptive optics for entangled photons

Defienne, H., Reichert, M., & Fleischer, J. W. (2018). Adaptive quantum optics with spatially entangled photon pairs. Physical review letters121(23), 233601.

Photonic quantum walks in multimode fibers

Defienne, H., Barbieri, M., Walmsley, I. A., Smith, B. J., & Gigan, S. (2016). Two-photon quantum walk in a multimode fiber. Science advances2(1), e1501054.

Guiding single photons through a layer of paint

Defienne, H., Barbieri, M., Chalopin, B., Chatel, B., Walmsley, I. A., Smith, B. J., & Gigan, S. (2014). Nonclassical light manipulation in a multiple-scattering medium. Optics letters39(21), 6090-6093.

Other related works:

  • Mounaix, M., Defienne, H., & Gigan, S. (2016). Deterministic light focusing in space and time through multiple scattering media with a time-resolved transmission matrix approach. Physical Review A94(4), 041802.
  • Mounaix, M., Andreoli, D., Defienne, H., Volpe, G., Katz, O., Grésillon, S., & Gigan, S. (2016). Spatiotemporal coherent control of light through a multiple scattering medium with the multispectral transmission matrix. Physical review letters116(25), 253901.
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